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US-2004098023-A1: Embolic device made of nanofibers patent, US-2004140425-A1: Light scanning probe apparatus using light of low coherence patent, US-2005109999-A1: Connection system and method for plastic web fencing patent, US-2006163827-A1: Maintenance cart patent, US-2006292089-A1: Periodontal regeneration composition and method of using same patent, US-2007213723-A1: Spinal cross-connector patent, US-2008278308-A1: System and method for intruder detection patent, US-2005002327-A1: Single chip multi-antenna wireless data processor patent, US-2007033244-A1: Fast fourier transform (FFT) architecture in a multi-mode wireless processing system patent, US-2007175136-A1: Poured concrete column hole patent, US-2007237467-A1: System and Method for Performing and Protecting Hybrid Line Splices patent, US-2008155833-A1: Folding knife with locking blade patent, US-2008194374-A1: Multistage automatic transmission with three planetary gear sets patent, US-2008258466-A1: Fluid Powered Energy Generator patent, US-2009269014-A1: Field terminable lc format optical connector with splice element patent, US-2005114265-A1: Real-time license enforcement system and method patent, US-2006285447-A1: Automatic, lockable and engageable/disengageable media tray patent, US-2007109727-A1: Electrolytic capacitor with a thin film fuse patent, US-2007110649-A1: Zeolite membranes for selective oxidation on carbon monoxide in mixed hydrogen gas source patent, US-2008017038-A1: High efficiency hvac filter patent, US-2008149783-A1: Retaining Element Including Enhanced Engagement Features patent, US-2009199997-A1: Heat exchanger device and method for heat removal or transfer patent, US-2004152469-A1: Message-based conveyance of load control information patent, US-2006137622-A1: Collapsible pet enclosure patent, US-2006287089-A1: System and method for interfacing a simulation device with a gaming device patent, US-2007060983-A1: Optical vestibular stimulator patent, US-2008232190-A1: Mixing Element, Arrangement Comprising a Mixing Element and Mixer patent, US-2005175438-A1: Loader assembly, method for using a loader assembly, and combination motor vehicle and loader assembly patent, US-2005257173-A1: System and process for controlling electronic components in a ubiquitous computing environment using multimodal integration patent, US-2008252864-A1: Immersion exposure technique patent, US-2006019760-A1: Motorized drive for juvenile swing patent, US-2008164671-A1: Pneumatic slider suspension locking PIN system patent, US-2008210143-A1: Folding Table Assembly patent, US-2008319871-A1: Systems and Methods for Auto-Generation of Rich Media Purchase, Reservation and/or Activity Information patent, US-2005195738-A1: Method and system for automatically determining commands for a network element patent, US-2007033638-A1: Isolation of application-specific data within a user account patent, US-2007221796-A1: Infusion stand patent, US-2009164581-A1: System and method for synchronized co-browsing by users in different web sessions patent, US-2004131806-A1: Oxygen detection system for a rigid container patent, US-2009064166-A1: System and Method for Hardware Based Dynamic Load Balancing of Message Passing Interface Tasks patent, US-2003169642-A1: Time keeping system with automatic daylight savings time adjustment patent, US-2007208592-A1: Computerized plant selection system patent, US-2005081713-A1: Gas concentration method and its apparatus patent, US-2005149006-A1: Device and method for reshaping the cornea patent, US-2006241194-A1: Nanoporous media templated from unsymmetrical amphiphilic porogens patent, US-2007090120-A1: Implosion resistant container patent, US-2008244747-A1: Network context triggers for activating virtualized computer applications patent, US-2009178850-A1: Method and system for precise drilling guidance of twin wells patent, US-2009207460-A1: Service processing device and method patent, US-2006137812-A1: Vessel and method for forming same patent, US-2008133087-A1: Systems and methods for controlling a vehicle steering system patent, US-2008301716-A1: Industrial controller automation interface patent, US-2009229442-A1: Plectrum with attached grasping devices patent, US-2005084331-A1: Apparatus for spreading aggregate material on a road berm patent, US-2005223858-A1: Variable reluctance fast positioning system and methods patent, US-2007116162-A1: Modem control using cross-polarization interference estimation patent, US-2008214453-A1: Methods for treating inflammation patent, US-2009204525-A1: Payment device to issuer communication via authorization request patent, US-2007169000-A1: Profiling interface assisted class loading for byte code instrumented logic patent, US-2007202844-A1: System for Providing Location-Based Services in a Wireless Network, such as Locating Individuals and Coordinating Meetings patent, US-2008074288-A1: Traffic signal transfer switch with housing constructions patent, US-2009089153-A1: Broad-based incremental training sessions for company representatives in contact handling systems patent, US-2007114686-A1: Method for expelling gas positioned between a substrate and a mold patent, US-2006114277-A1: Self-calibration of power delivery control to firing resistors patent, US-2007016199-A1: Systems, methods and tools for spinal surgery patent, US-2004100116-A1: Fold flat motor vehicle seat patent, US-2004261258-A1: Pierce nut installation apparatus patent, US-2008247228-A1: Non-volatile storage with current sensing of negative threshold voltages patent, US-2006195869-A1: Control of multi-user environments patent, US-2006265998-A1: Method for preparing a floor patent, US-2007246328-A1: High-Rate Space Efficient Article Singulator patent, US-2008051545-A1: Polymers Having Broad Molecular Weight Distributions and Methods of Making the Same patent, US-2008250375-A1: Detailed Placer For Optimizing High Density Cell Placement In A Linear Runtime patent, US-2005105090-A1: Focused beam spectroscopic ellipsometry method and system patent, US-2008257924-A1: Vehicle article carrier having swing in place cross bars patent, US-2006142483-A1: Method of crosslinking a carboxylated polymer using a triazine crosslinking activator patent, US-2007280615-A1: Single-mode Optical Fiber patent, US-2008186778-A1: Non-Volatile Memory Embedded In A Conventional Logic Process And Methods For Operating Same patent, US-2005182125-A1: Pyrrole compounds and uses thereof patent, US-2007009302-A1: Printing device and cassette patent, US-2007023103-A1: Method for production of non-oriented electrical steel strip patent, US-2008100101-A1: Chair with air conditioning device patent, US-2008288727-A1: Computing System with Optimized Support for Transactional Memory patent, US-2003229264-A1: Implantable self-inflating attenuation device patent, US-2006116715-A1: Vascular filter having articulation region and methods of use in the ascending aorta patent, US-2006217201-A1: Handling of players and objects in massive multi-player on-line games patent, US-2009093677-A1: Visual obturator patent, US-2009095646-A1: Plunger Storage and Transportation Device patent, US-2007282593-A1: Hierarchical state machine generation for interaction management using goal specifications patent, US-2009230252-A1: Aircraft flight control patent, US-2006287103-A1: System and method for providing a host console for use with an electronic card game patent, US-2007004464-A1: Wireless headset and microphone assembly for communications device patent, US-2008295048-A1: Inline defect analysis for sampling and SPC patent, US-2005077689-A1: Woven protector for trocar seal assembly patent, US-2007079942-A1: Vertically movable door with safety barrier patent, US-2003233581-A1: System for determining web application vulnerabilities patent, US-2007067461-A1: Token streaming process for processing web services message body information patent, US-2008205501-A1: Dsl System Estimation patent, US-2008237485-A1: Integrated optical neutron detector patent, US-2005037670-A1: Telecommunications jack assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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